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About the Site and Production Facility

Colorado lacks world-class sound stages. Production teams and film crews will arrive in our state to shoot films, then leave for postproduction, marketing and distribution. For the first time ever, Redbarre will provide the facilities needed for full-scale film/TV/digital production, enabling feature film crews and digital media creators a soup-to-nuts production environment right here in Denver, along with the ability to collaborate with talent and resources all over the globe via a state of the art network.

Key Features

Divisible sound stages totaling 75,000SF, expandable as required
Multiple Recording Studios including an outdoor venue
1.9MM SF of mixed-use facilities, atop a massive high speed campus
Retail, Office and Working Backlot (potential tourist destination)
Sustainabile, Net Zero impact; a walkable, green environment
Data Center/Network Operations Center and ISP
Class A Offices, Co-working and Flex Place
Boutique Hotel, Dining and Conference Center
Local to South Denver, DIA and Centennial Airports

Redbarre + Colorado: What it Means

Enabling New Talent Discovery…
The campus focuses on enhancing and fostering innovation, where media and technology intersect, which will attract and create new talent while taking advantage of the experience and wisdom of established experts.

Planting Inside a Thriving Ecosystem…
Situated inside one of the country’s top technology and data ecosystems, as well as one of the top five broadcast/telecom markets in the US, South Metro Denver is well-positioned to become the country’s newest state-of-the-art digital media and technology mecca for entertainment, scientific visualization and extended reality (XR).

Next-gen Network and Data Infrastructure…
Large bandwidth needs are not limited to just television and film. They are also required by other major industries including social media, advertising, retail, scientific, medical, biomedical, architectural/design, big data, artificial intelligence and astrophysics, among others. Redbarre will provide revolutionary technology, digital tools and data infrastructure.

Crafting the Digital Future…
Denver is uniquely positioned to support a state-of-the-art, mixed-use media and technology-centric real estate development project at the forefront of the next digital media wave. There is no other campus like Redbarre in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our plans essentially call for constructing approximately 1.9 million SF of mixed use facilities atop a massive high-speed data campus. This includes

  • Production Center with divisible sound stages totaling 75,000SF currently, expandable as required
  • Data Center/Network Operations Center and ISP
  • Multiple Recording Studios w/ outdoor performance venue
  • Retail/Office backlot (and tourist destination)
  • Class A Office Tower
  • Hotel

The net result is the creation of a major Colorado destination that merges the technology and media industries, enabling the business of development, production and distribution of digital content.

Why Colorado?

  • Denver is one of the largest US technology ecosystems, ranked #4 behind Silicon Valley, Boston and Austin
  • 5th largest broadcast/telecom market in the US w/more than 41,000 employees in this sector
  • Central hub for all fiber runs from the East and West coasts, Canada & Mexico

Given our central US location, the greater Denver metro area is well-positioned to host the latest state-of-the-art digital media and technology mecca for entertainment; and even scientific visualization and medical imaging.

Why now?

There are several problems we are seeking to solve with this project:

  • First: lack of world-class sound stages in Colorado
    • yet mild weather, sunny blue skies, historic buildings, unique neighborhoods and the Rocky Mountains consistently draw major motion pictures and TV programs to the state as a preferred shooting destination. They come to shoot, they go home to post.
  • Second: Today’s telecom infrastructure barely supports HD workflows
    • yet we’re moving to 4K and 8K quickly. Metro Denver has a vast amount of resources available to solve this problem. Additionally, all the major telecom and entertainment providers have headquarters or a major presence here.
  • Third: Large bandwidth needs are not limited to just television and film
    • it is also required by other major industries including social media, advertising, retail, scientific, medical, biomedical, architectural/design, big data, artificial intelligence and astrophysics among others.
  • Fourth: There is lack of production talent in state
    • exacerbated by the lack of major productions being shot in CO, yet one of the country’s most well-regarded film schools is located in Metro Denver and many A-list talent reside in state.

Highlights of our current status:

  • Redbarre is under contract to purchase a large site with an existing office complex
  • We have assembled a development team of the “A-List” providers including:
    • Civitas as our master planner
    • OZ Architects for our architecuture and engineering design work
    • Mortenson as our general contractor
    • Infinity Land Consultants has been tapped to provide civil engineering and site due diligence
    • Elements to lead our efforts with workplace solutions
    • dovetail solutions for providing PR communication, community involvement and government relations
    • Panasonic is our smart city and sustainability partner/consultant
  • Redbarre becomes a partner that supports the area’s vision for a dynamic future
  • The campus provides a highly unique Entertainment, Media, Technology and Retail destination, which does not exist anywhere in Colorado or the region
  • OVER $400 million in new infrastructure investment over the next five years
  • Increased local tax revenues from a variety of new business, ranging from retail, restaurants, coffee shops, production entities, distributors, tech ventures, etc.
  • Several new indoor/outdoor venues available for local community events

Site work will begin late 2021 with an estimated roll-out over 24+ months.

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Workplace Solutions

Research & Development



Smart City/Sustainability