The world is changing; our systems and ways of doing things are rapidly evolving. Millennials, who think very differently than baby boomers and GenXers are now driving future market demands within marketplaces redefined. And what about the next generation, the GenZ; how will they consume content? The old ways of doing business, often formulated around expensive physical locations and processes are being rapidly replace by SaaS and PaaS infrastructure; the advent of IoT is expected to dwarf today’s seemingly omnipotent Internet market within the next five years.

Not to mention how these macro market moves will impact the use or inclusion of television and digital/mobile media across the endless myriad of content channels now available, or soon will be.

How will your organization capitalize on these major market trends? Are you prepared for this brave new world? Do you know how best to monetize these cultural shifts or use the media to promote your programming, product, service, brand or message? If you cannot definitively and without the blink of an eye answer all of these questions in the positive, let RedBarre leverage our vast and wide experience to assist you and your organization moving forward.

We have more than 100+ years of hands-on experience in managing television and digital media production, technology and marketing endeavors. From business and finance to technology and operations, we’ve done it all. From being on-the-line PAs to being nominated for directing and editing Emmys, from slogging away in the mailroom to deploying state-of-the-art technologies in cutting-edge studios and edit room and making multi-million dollar decisions in the boardroom, what we bring as RedBarre is a commitment, not only to advise on and develop strategies, tactics and plans, but also to get down in the trenches with your team and work along side you, implementing those selfsame recommendations.

With us, it is all about getting the job done properly, cost-effectively and on time. We are your ad hoc team of experts, ready to move in and move out as required.

Engaging our services may be short-lived but we promise our impact will be positively ever-lasting. We thrive on taking on your most challenging issues and putting our experience, our technical and business acumen and contacts to work for you. Let our penchant for  success add value to your bottom line. With locations in New York, Los Angeles and Denver, we are no more than two hours away from taking a meeting. Call us today to find out more about how we can add value to your business and drive your goals forward efficiently, without disruption or stress to your current operations.